Saturday, August 12, 2017

Vintage 1950s Hawaiian Shirts

Men’s 1950s Hawaiian Shirts
          Hawaiian shirts were another form of button down shirt was not worn tucked it. It’s collar also did not button all the way up but was left open so the large point collar could lay flat. It came by many names- Camp shirt, pool shirt, Cabana shirt and Hawaiian shirt. They were the ultimate in casual, pool or beach-side wear. Since pool parties or “Tiki” parties were extremely popular house party themes it was the ideal shirt to wear in the summer. They came in solid colors as well as vivid prints depicting Americana life, tropical inspired motifs, sporting scenes and cars.

          Authentic “Hawaiian”shirts are made in Hawaii, often with coconut or wood buttons. They were expensive to buy in the ’50s but there were plenty of knock offs that gave men the same tropical look. 

          Hawaiian shirts are the most widely worn style of 1950s men’s shirt today.   

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