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Vintag4e 1950s Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties 1950s

          Holiday parties were held throughout the month of December. Parties included Company dinners and dancing, Club/organization awards dinners, church dinner and entertainment, neighborhood open houses and small gatherings. Again, people dressed for the occasion and they dressed well!

          A Christmas Open House was common in neighborhoods during the 1950s. A night out for couples in suburbia that was close in proximity was a blessing. Yet, dressing up was a must. So Open Houses were lavishly decorated and all the stops were pulled by the host and hostess.
          Common foods served for an Open House were buffet style and included:  Cheese balls, Broiled stuffed mushrooms, Deviled eggs, Broiled shrimp, Melon ball cocktails, Fruit cups and individual Jello molds with fruit and/or toppings.

          Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner was usually a buffet or sit down dinner. Either way, it was a wonderful way to connect with friends and family the night before Christmas. Typical 1950s menu was a glazed ham, parsley potatoes, spiced peaches, cornbread, vegetable scallops, Relishes Plates (Olives, pickles, celery), Eggnog pie, coffee and salted nuts and mints.

          Traditional Christmas Day dinner was usually, a more formal sit down dinner. The menu was cranberry juice cocktail, roast turkey with chestnut or sweet potato stuffing, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, minted carrots, creamed onions or Brussels sprouts, fruit salad, Parker house rolls, Lady Baltimore Cake.

          Though the holidays were busy, turning down a lovely evening with friends, neighbors and co-workers were impossible in the 1950s.

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