Saturday, September 22, 2018

Vintage 1950s Ladies Fashion

Vintage 1950s

Ladies Fashion


          Flatties or flats in today’s lingo were popular house shoes. They were sometimes worn with pants outside of the home for casual occasions. 

Teenagers wore them as often as saddle shoes when Audrey Hepburn declared them as her favorites. Ballet flats featured very small heels of 1/2 inch but were the most trendy, having no heels at all– just flat, flat flat!  Black was the most common color with a thin bow on the top. Other colors often matched an accessory such as a belt, scarf, purse, or hair ornament. 

         Of all the flatties brands, Capezio was the cream of the crop. They were luxury for those that could afford them, but oh so divine. They had no heels, very low profile sides, deep cut on the toes revealing toe cleavage, and sharp pointed toe tips. They exuded sexiness like no other flat could!

          Capezio and Bernardo both created a lace-up flat called Ghillies. It was a sister to the espadrille shoe but looked more like a cross between a men’s Oxford and a ballet shoe. The long laces provided endless amusement in devising new ways to tie the straps. At the back of the ankle was the best way for 1950s espadrilles, while wrapping up and around the leg was the vogue thing to do with Ghillies.

Many movies showcased women dancing in Ghillies (see if you can spot them next time you watch a 1950s musical).

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