Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vintage 1950s Women's Fashion

Women's Fashion


          The most casual shoe for girls and women was the loafer.  Moccasins fit into this category and were a staple in most young women’s closets. Easy to slip on, available in all sorts of fun colors, casual enough to wear with bobby socks or sockless, and durable enough to last all year, they were practically perfect.

          The penny loafer got its name by the slit in the decorative leather strap across the tongue. It was sized for a coin that teens would use to call home. Brown or white were the most common penny loafer colors. Other slip-on loafer shoes came in many colorful shades and shiny materials, like patent leather or plastic. Some were clear plastic, although they proved problematic once the foot started to sweat turning the plastic milky white. Yuck!

          Loafers were worn by women with sport attire, like play-suits, shorts, capri pants, and jumper dresses. Casual shoes for casual clothing was the rule. No stockings or even socks were required either.

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