Saturday, December 26, 2020


Vintage 1960

New Year's Eve

 As a New Yorker, I have to say we embraced New Year's Eve. In the 1960s this included celebrating by dancing to the music of Guy Lombardo, freezing in Times Square to watch the mirror ball fall, or taking a beer at the corner bar. Most places offered entertainment of some sort on New Year's Eve.

          Those too far from downtown New York, (we lived on Long Island) celebrated at home with friends and family. The main fare was a buffet with just about anything you could imagine. They offered cold and hot finger foods, easy to make desserts and an array of liquor to ring in the New Year.

     I remember the many cheeses and crackers that lined the table, hot appetizers, pickled vegetables, and winter fruit salads. But nothing stayed in my mind as the table full of different cookies, donuts, and muffins galore. In fact my mother use to feed us a light dinner before we left for a friends or family party knowing all we'd eat was desserts!

          So, no matter where you were, how old you were or who you were with during the 1960s, New Year's was a time to celebrate, wave good bye to the old year and embrace the New Year.


Happy New Years!

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