Friday, February 28, 2020

Vintage 1950s Women's Fashion Knit Tops

Vintage 1950s Women's blouses

 Knit Tops

          The short sleeve snug-fitting pullover knit top was a cousin of the sweater. New materials, like Orlon, reduced the bulk of previous generations of sweaters as well as making them shrink-proof.  Thin knit tops could have a traditional tailored point or peter pan collars but were more often seen with high crew necks, roll necks, shawl collars and boat necks. Sometimes the V neck versions with point or shawl collars were called polo shirts. 

          The summer knit tops were usually featured plain colors, not patterns. Some did feature knitted in designs or textures as alternatives to the smooth finish on most knit shirts.  Sleeve lengths were short mid-arm lengths or longer with Dolman sleeves.

          The bottom of the knit top usually had a wide waistband. They could be worn tucked into skirts and pants or worn over them. Tucked In was more sleek looking while out was more casual.

          One popular trend was to wear a short chiffon scarf, rolled and tied, to the left around the neck. These colorful neck scarves were almost always worn with a tight-knit top. The pop of color was yet another way of accessorizing an outfit.

          Even in winter,  knit tops were usually worn alone, not over another blouse. This helped reduce bulk and keep the wasp waist effect popular in 1950s fashion.

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