Saturday, October 30, 2021

intage 1960s Women's Fashio

 Kitten Heel Pumps

The 1960s dropped the heel to simple slip-ons, strappy sandals, and ankle boots in vibrant mod colors.

      Tall, thin heels were popular in the 1950s. They shaped a women's legs and helped women put some wiggle in their walk while wearing a tight pencil dress. The pencil dress continued into the 1960s but with a straighter shift shape. High heel shoes were replaced by short kitten heels or Sabrina heels, which were much easier to walk in but still offered some leg shaping and elegance. The kitten heel pump was especially popular as a slingback– an open heel and one strap that buckled around the back. They looked especially sharp with evening wear.

        Although high heels were not "cutting edge" enough for modern designers in the 60's, some women continued to wear them until the late 1960s.  Despite changes in the new fashion, some women still loved their high heels.

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